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We are a locally owned and operated company, specializing in 4 service areas. Naomi started Extreme Cleaning in 2012 and we rebranded to Extreme Cleaning and Services in 2018 with the addition of snow removal services. We expanded to include landscaping and lawn services in 2021 with the creation of Extreme Lawns. And our newest company, which opened in 2022, is Extreme RV and Boat Storage.

We have a great team of employees that assist us in delivering quality work with a high standard of professionalism. Our family-owned company will continue to expand, as we mirror the growth of our beautiful Treasure Valley. If you have any cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, or storage needs, feel free to contact us at 208-906-4132. Or you can text us using the green icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thank you and God bless!

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